Health and Fitness rules

Health and Fitness rules

By: Keith Robertson

Posted: Sunday 24th April 2022 - 08:42

At whatever age we are, it is wise to learn what is best to keep our bodies healthy and to follow a pattern which enables all the muscle groups to be regularly tested and strengthened and to keep fit in different ways, to ensure that no one set of muscles is either strenghthened or weakened due to repetitive strain caused by doing the same activity repeatedly, thinking it is doing you good.

At Events in Towns, we are at the beginning of a fitness revolution both personally and for our potential visitors and members.  We will be calling on all fitness providers we possibly can, to sign up with us to showcase their services.  Whether they/you are gymnasiums with fitness machines and trainers, or a Ballet School, we think we can help to succeed and grow.

Events in Towns is very much into maximising people-potential in every area - from health and fitness to diet and mental well-being.  If we can succeed in helping a single person change for the better, it will be a success.

So, if you are reading this, please join us as a member if you are running a fitness business, or let your local gym or personal trainer (or even your dog-walking club or running club) know about us.  We would love to hear from you and learn to know what we could do to help the UK get fit and healthy.