Visiting London - check out these tips

Visiting London - check out these tips

By: Keith Robertson

Posted: Saturday 7th May 2022 - 13:43

Updated: Wednesday 10th August 2022 - 06:43

If you are visiting London as a visitor on a day trip or you are visiting from abroad and staying in London, it is sensible to shop around for train tickets and to get a good handle on train times, platforms and routes.

For these activities, it is worth checking out Trainline for tickets and NetworkRail for timetables and live train information and platforms.  Beware though that the information given by these sites is relaible for the most part, but not always 100% accurate.

for the duration of your visit, if you are not familiar with the Underground, it is also a good idea to download a London Underground app, which help with journey planning.  In this case, though, there is no substitute for a real London Underground map, which can be picked up at most London Mainline Stations.

Trainline logoEnjoy yourself.

Check out our London pages for events across London.  (Note: Kidding, we haven't any registered Members adding events yet).